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Masseter TMJ 

Masseter & TMJ

Masseter Botox has become very popular in recent years because of its ability to relieve teeth grinding and the associated tension and headache. However there are also cosmetic benefits which make it sought after. This treatment results in the relaxation of overactive jaw muscles. This can also lead to a slimmer and more angular facial structure as well as reducing tension and discomfort.


    Trapezius Botox, also known as Traptox, is the latest Botox area taking the world by storm. You will also see this area called Barbie Tox because of the neck lengthening and slimming effect. 

    Benefits include:

    • Trapezium Muscle Tension Relief

    • Muscle and Shoulder Pain Relief

    • Slimming and Elongating of the neck

    • Eliviates Excessive Muscle Contraction

    • Create a Straighter more Elegant Shoulder Contour



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